The auditory entity known as the Drabblecast functions as a not-for-profit, utilizing a donation model. Which is to say the Drabblecast remains afloat thanks to the generous, continued contributions of our listeners. Rest assured the is nothing in our pockets but lint, with our hearts firmly located on our sleeves.*

You hear Norm say to close every episode, that’s because it’s true: all contributed coinage is highly appreciated, and goes directly towards paying our authors. The more we can draw, the better our pay rate, the better the stories we run. The relationship is that direct, anticipate no interstitial static, no mysterious cackling benefactors. We all got day jobs folks.

Donations are accepted via PayPal. They are accepted as single time lump sums, or if you’re able, the coveted monthly contribution, of $5 or $10. Feed your tender to our writhing mass of tentacles (and see what terrible offspring emerge in the coming weeks). However, most choose to support Drabblecast through Patreon– where you get a whole slew of bonus rewards!¬† Check it out!

Purchasing Drabblecast merchandise functions similarly to donations (IE any ‘profits’ go towards production). See if anything tips your fancy on our Merchandise page.

For those light on funds, remember: sharing the podcast with a friend is a ‘donation’ all its own. Spread the word, to coworkers, friends, people at bus stops.. hell, go straight up your family tree, maybe someone landed on Baltic and your Rich Uncle Pennybags chucks us a shekel.

* The Drabblecast welcomes episode sponsors, but only partners with those close to our hearts, peers whom we support, offering products that might interest our listenership (IE you will never hear Norm describe his McLoveOn for a new McDonald’s sandwich, I mean, unless he really likes this new sandwich, and is speaking off the cuff). While money is involved with sponsorship, it is treated the same as a large listener donation, deposited directly in to the Drabblecast production pot. If you are personally interested in sponsorship, please contact us via Email to discuss terms.