The Drabblecast couldn’t happen without a massive spiderweb of contributors and contemporaries. It takes a village of the damned to get this puppy soaring, and hey, they deserve your attention and ear time (like air time, but with ears, you see what I did there?). Here is a list of the denizens of Drabble’land, of our extended family tree, and some of the many friends we’ve made along the way.

This list is (hopefully) comprehensive, but stands little chance of hitting every necessary shout out. If you have worked with us in the past and want that connection published (Google being what it is), email the yahoo address, we’ll lay down some connective tissue.

The Drabblecast Network

Our family of podcasts.

The Drabblecast B-Sides
The Dribblecast
The Black & White Animals Trilogy
The Mega-Beast Death-Match, MBDM Facebook

Staff Links
(Creepy Uncles)

Sites maintained by staff members of the Drabblecast.
Nathan Lee’s Mirror Shards
Tom Baker


Audio fiction and writing projects launched by individuals within the Drabblecast community

Journey Into..
Clowns & Bunnies & Other Scary Things
Troll Jammies


DRIP’ers and DARP’ers, individuals who helped make the new web site happen (incomplete for the moment).

Simon Hildebrandt
Jonathan Wilson
David Steffen
Clay Dugger
Karen ‘Mushbaby’ and her Urban Mushing Blog

Genre Podcasts
(Drinking Buddies)

Other top notch genre fiction podcasts: our peers, our influences.

Escape Artists
Escape Pod
Pod Castle
The Dunesteef
Cast of Wonders
Guild of the Cowry Catchers
Lightspeed Magazine
No Sleep Podcast

Frequent Contributors

Jan Dennison
Josh Hugo
Abbie Hilton
Skeet Scienski
Ayn Sauer
Jake Bible
Christopher Munroe
Jonathan C. Gillespie
Evan Quinlan
Mike Boris
Delianna Forget

Oft Featured

Tim Pratt
Eugie Foster
Frank Key
Jay Lake
Kevin David Anderson
Samantha Henderson
David D. Levine
Gringo Motel

Sites/Products We Appreciate

The Creative Access
Strange Horizons
Clarke’s World Magazine
Chapter Master

Past Sponsors

RC Davidson’s Orbital Maneuvers
J.R. Hamantaschen’s You Shall Never Know Security
Frank Key’s Impugned By A Peasant & Other Stories
Happy Birthday, Robot