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Drabblecast 482- That Bloody Frontier

The Drabblecast Weird West Event closes out this week with another original story– this time with epic train shoot-outs, centaurs, and manifest destiny! We bring you, “That Bloody Frontier” by Sasha Brown.

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Cover art by Tristan Tolhurst



Drabblecast 481- The Alamo

The Drabblecast Weird Wild West continues, with “The Alamo” by Cedrick May.

Cover art by Tristan Tolhurst




Drabblecast 480- Rusty Sue

The Drabblecast Weird West event continues, with “Rusty Sue” by Arthur H. Manners.

Cover art by Tristan Tolhurst


Drabblecast 479-Headhunting

The Drabblecast kicks off the Weird West event, with Avra Margariti’s story “Headhunting” and 100 word Drabble Quickdraw Contest winner “Taming the Larvalands” by Matt Blairstone. Enjoy!

Cover art by Tristan Tolhurst

Drabblecast 478- Cool Air

Catriel Tallarico cover art for Drabblecast Cool Air, a story by HP Lovecraft

As the summer winds down and things cool down, the Drabblecast brings you a story that will give you chills! We present, “Cool Air” by H.P. Lovecraft. 

Cover art by Catriel Tallarico

Drabblecast 477- The Eight-Thousanders

Cover for The Eight-Thousanders by Bo Kaier

Mountain climbing might be more treacherous than you think. This week on the Drabblecast, we bring you Jason Sanford’s “The Eight-Thousanders.”

Cover art by Bo Kaier

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