Cover for Drabblecast episode 150, Morris and the Machine, by Broken CyborgThe Drabblecast presents Morris and the Machine, by author Tim Pratt.

Tim Pratt lives in Berkely, CA and has also been featured on the Drabblecast many times. He is a science fiction and fantasy author, Nebula award nominee, and a Hugo award winner.


Here’s an excerpt from Morris and the Machine:

“The lock,” she said, loud enough to cut me off. “The lock is sort of why I’m thinking about leaving you.”

She stalked toward me, drink in hand, and I stood up, edging around the table to the far side, closer to the basement door. I wanted to keep the table between us.

“You scamper down there after dinner every night. Lock your door and work on the mystery machine, right, Morris, the one that’s going to change everything and make us rich, right? That machine?”

Our Drabble this week is “Break Up” by J. Alan Pierce from Portland, Oregon. Check out his other stories here on the Drabblecast.

Our twabble this week comes from Swamp down in the Big Easy:

The Saints won…Brad regretted his bet with the voodoo priest. He screamed in pain as monkeys began to fly out of his butt.

And now, without further ado:

Drabblecast # 150: Morris and the Machine