Cover for Mega-Beast Death-Match 2012 episode 3, Siaflease vs Flamingoliath vs Dreadnaughtilus, art by Bo Kaier“If it’s already in there, it’s already on there…
(This is a discussion)”

Bo’s surgically installed vagina…
Ron Paul’s detachable penis…
And who would win in a fight:

A 35-foot tall flamingo clad in biblical armor, a 2-ton flying nautilus that shoots air torpedos, or six calculating, vindictive Labrador retriever-sized Siamese cat/fleas with serrated mandibles and heat vision.

Warning:  Explicit, offensive and unsettling content.  Don’t blame us for listening!  Unless you love it…

More information about this year’s competition, and the ‘heats’ that produced its competitors, can be found at

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