Cover Art for Director's Cut: Morris and the MachineThe Relaunch Prelaunch marches forward as we present the listener-requested “Director’s Cut: Morris and the Machine.”

This fan-favorite story originally aired in 2010. It is a haunting tale about relationships, time travel, and the poisonous nature of nostalgia.

Author Tim Pratt lives in Berkely, CA and has been featured on the Drabblecast many times. He is a Hugo Award winner alongside many other accolades and is currently working on a space opera series for Angry Robot.

In this interview, Tim and Norm talk about time travel marital dynamics—what if you could interact with past versions of you spouse?  Is Morris a.. good guy? Or is he really just a selfish asshole? Are you one of the Morris sympathizers?


“The lock,” she said, loud enough to cut me off. “The lock is sort of why I’m thinking about leaving you.”

She stalked toward me, drink in hand, and I stood up, edging around the table to the far side, closer to the basement door. I wanted to keep the table between us.

“You scamper down there after dinner every night. Lock your door and work on the mystery machine, right, Morris, the one that’s going to change everything and make us rich, right? That machine?”

Well the machine does change everything and that’s why we love this twisted tale of time travel.

So without further ado, we present to you…

Director’s Cut: Morris and the Machine