Cover art Director's Cut: Flying On My Hatred of My Neighbor's DogThe Relaunch Prelaunch continues with another listener-requested “Director’s Cut: Flying On My Hatred of My Neighbor’s Dog.”

When this story originally aired in 2013 it was an immediate hit with the Drabblecast Community, winning Best Story in the People’s Choice Awards of that year. It seems the potentially energizing power of hate is still a relevant topic here in 2018.

In this episode, Norm sits down with the author, Shaenon Garrity.

When Shaenon isn’t posting to her daily web comic, Skin Horse, she keeps busy with a host of fun sketch blogs including her most recent project, Horror Every Day. That and hating dogs. Not all dogs. Just one dog. That’s right, this story is based on true events.


Thousands of people work as professional hate generators, but, when you get down to brass tacks, 90 percent of the industrial hate in North America is provided by the twelve top haters.  That’s how much of a power differential there is.  Some people just hate that much more than everyone else.

Did you live in Quebec before you came out here?  Chances are your electricity came from Andre Grant, a former file clerk who hates modernist philosophy, digital recordings, saxophone music, pants on women, and all television.

You were somewhere in New England?  Your generator was probably Emily Jenkins, or Jackson, I forget her last name.  She’s a germaphobe who sits under the odiometer and thinks about dirt all day.

Southern states?  Got to be Nate McClintock, an octogenarian who won’t share his personal hatreds.  Having met him, I think that’s for the best, but I have to give the man credit: he hates hard.

Large parts of Mexico are powered by two sisters who can’t stand onions.

And if you lived anywhere along the West Coast, you got your power from me.  Me and my hatred of my neighbor’s dog.

Norm and Shaenon also consider Electrical Ghosts vs Regular-ass Ghosts, Star Trek, and the tricky realities of exponential hate.  Strap in and enjoy the hate-fueled ride.

Director’s Cut: Flying On My Hatred of My Neighbor’s Dog