Relaunch Prelaunch imageThe Drabblecast Reborn! Yeah, it’s happening! There’s just 48 hours left to be a part of it, folks. That’s right, our Drabblecast Reborn Kickstarter Campaign comes to a close this Wednesday, October 17th @ 7 pm EST/4 pm PST.

In our recap, Norm wraps up the final Drabblecast Relaunch Prelaunch episode with gratitude, news, and an assortment of limited 48 hour opportunities!

We’ve still got a lot to offer, include mugs, t-shirts, children’s books, Drabblecast anthologies both in audio and fully illustrated print versions! Thanks our sprawling fan base, we’ve been able to accomplish so much:

  • The Drabblecast is Reborn
  • Artists now receive commission for their Episode Art
  • Drabblecast bumper stickers have been added to all backers
  • The DrabbleClassics feed will return
  • An Extra “Director’s Cut” episode will be added to each month
  • We’ll be updating The Drabblecast Forums
  • And, of course, the celebrated return of Connor Choadsworth!

But there’s still a little more time, and we have more goals in mind!

It’s not too late to climb aboard, this train is going over the edge fast! Won’t you join us?

The Drabblecast is back baby!

Drabblecast Reborn Metacast