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Drabblecast 25 – The Worm Within

Cover for Drabblecast episode 25, The Worm Within, by Bo KaierToday we bring to you The Worm Within, by Vincent Eaton.

It’s a strange tale. A rather gross tale… about a tail. It’s a tale about a worm tail and a man’s tail area. And meat.

Have you ever felt something was off inside your body? Have you ever racked your brain straining to remember what you put into your body? Something that may have gone terribly wrong?

I’ve already said too much.

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Drabblecast 17 – Morton

Cover for Drabblecast episode 17, Morton, by Bo KaierHe was a genetic disaster – holding in his impressive repertoire of infirmities: asthma, severe lactose intolerance, a disposition to rashes, acute ugliness, a chronic blob shape and an allergy to anything you can find on the periodic table…

Drabblecast 8 – Epiphany

Cover for Drabblecast episode 8, Epiphany, by Bo KaierEver had one of those days?

Drabblecast episode 8 brings a hard-luck tale like few before – Adam Carvin’s “Epiphany,” which explores just how bad things can really get, and how to keep them in perspective. And a momentous first, Norm launches the original Super Animal Deathmatch, later re-titled the Mega-Beast Death-Match, featuring Telephant vs Hippopotopain vs Crablooey vs DeathMole.

Drabblecast 7 – Rutabaga

Cover for Drabblecast episode 7, Rutabaga, by Bo Kaier

Tony goes undercover for the police to get a deal with “The Boss” recorded on tape…

In Episode 7 Norm shares the full version of ‘Rutabaga’, a tale of crime and unusual punishment, the now iconic song played as opening theme music for every episode of the Drabblecast. He reports on the progress of the (original) website, calls for submissions, and once again implores fans to share the Drabblecast with friends.

Drabblecast 4 – Uncle Ollie’s Gift

Cover for Drabblecast 4, Uncle Ollie's Gift, by Bo KaierSome things are just too precious to leave behind…

Episode 4 of the Drabblecast brings us “Uncle Ollie’s Gift,” a story of keeping your family close, and your prized possessions closer. The story’s author Kendall Marchman joins Norm to provide sound effects and records a moral for the story’s conclusion.

Drabblecast 1 – The Coughing Dog

Cover for Drabblecast episode 1, The Coughing Dog, by LizIn the Drabblecast’s very first episode, ‘Norman’ Sherman introduces his own story The Coughing Dog. It’s a tale about a family reuniting at Christmas, and a domestic pet with a very… unusual condition.

Norm also introduces the basic concept of the show. He describes it as “flash fiction of an atypical nature […] by very strange people,” and admits that while not all stories will include demons, chupacabras, aliens and yetis, many will.

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