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Drabblecast 319 – Trifecta XXVII

Cover for Drabblecast 319, Trifecta XXVII, by Mackenzie MartinThe Drabblecast April Fool’s Day episode!

Recorded live: A Drabblecast story slam that took place March 27th 2014 in Baltimore Maryland at the EMP Art Collective.

Drabblecast B-Sides 10 – Growing Humans

Cover for Drabblecast B-Sides episode 10, Growing Humans, by Bo KaierTo start, my pet has no roots and only two limbs. Her bark is soft and spongy. A domed leafless flower grows from her trunk. She’s small; standing a mere four branches high and makes odd gibbering sounds when I draw close..

Recorded live at Balticon, Science Fiction convention May 28, 2010

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